Brad Price : Artist

Brad Price Artist Painting

Plein air painting in Mexico.

Born in Hampton Roads, Brad Price has called the Outer Banks home since 1991. He has been painting since 2007 when he was inspired to pick up a paint brush to combat the winter doldrums. At a painting workshop, Brad discovered that he had a true talent and passion for the art form. He quickly realized that painting was not just a winter hobby, but a vibrant and satisfying form of self-expression. Over the past eight years, Brad has expanded on the skills he learned at that workshop and developed a versatile and engaging style.

Issac Price PaintingHe is especially gifted in canine portraiture, and has turned his talent into a successful business.  It was his aging Golden Retriever who served as his first model. Brad realized that the canvas was the perfect place to capture his love for his pet and he was amazed by how powerfully the painting represented his best friend’s unique personality. To this day, the portrait of Isaac is Brad’s favorite painting.

Also a talented chef, Brad graduated from the Florida Culinary School of the Arts. He prepared exquisite meals at Elizabeth’s Café in Duck for 17 years as Executive Chef. Since the restaurant closed, Brad has been able to fulfill his dream and turn his full attention to painting and teaching painting workshops and classes.

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